Innovative vending machine technology for Southern California including Central Coast and Bakersfield.

State of the art convenience

Our service includes the latest technology to offer a better experience and save natural resources.

Credit Card Payments

All our vending machines and micro-market kiosks will accept debit and credit card payments.

Mobile Payments

Using a mobile wallet? You can make a purchase from our equipment using that as well.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Each generic energy efficient vending machine uses the least amount of energy needed.

Gimme Technology

We have invested in enhanced product inventory software that use ipads for restocking.

No lost money

Sensors inside our vending machines ensure a product is dispensed, or refunds money instantly.

Prepicked products

Lightspeed technology in our warehouse ensures the fast, correct picking of your products.

Southern California including Central Coast and Bakersfield leaders in warehouse efficiency

Lightspeed technology

Driving into the Future

with 100% Electric Vehicles

100% electric vehicles have no direct emissions. This means we can reduce our carbon footprint significantly.

Electric vehicles are low maintenance which allows us to invest more in our business and benefits in our clients.

Utilizing technology

By using the latest advances in technology we are able to reduce our carbon footprint. We can now see product levels and machines without leaving the warehouse, eliminating the need for multiple trips to a single location and the associated delivery vehicle emissions.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Vending machines require power to keep beverages and food cool, but not all are created equal. Our vending machines are built with the environment in mind, reducing energy used as well as your utility bill.

Energy saving lights

LED lights are brighter and better for the environment than fluorescent tubes, which were traditionally used in vending machines. That is why we have switched to using LED lights in our vending machines across Southern California including Central Coast and Bakersfield.

Environmental initiatives

Canteen of Coastal California makes it a priority to update processes to be better for the environment, whether that means recycling all the packaging cardboard that comes into our warehouse, reducing the number of vehicles we put out on the road, or reusing what we can in terms of equipment. It’s all about being more sustainable.

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