Explore a few snack offerings below which can be selected for your on-site snack vending machine. All snack machines are customizable to ensure you have a perfect mix. Plus equipment is updated to include the latest vending technology including acceptance of mobile payments and credit cards.


Wonderful Pistachios

Enjoy an individual serving of Wonderful Pistachio’s shelled nuts. These are ideal for a healthy pick-me-up.

for you


Fiber One Bars

The benefits of fiber with the taste of a candy bar. Fiber One bars deliver 9 grams of fiber with each variety.


Boom chicka popcorn

Grab a whole grain snack with big flavor — BOOMCHICKAPOP. This popcorn snack is naturally gluten-free and makes you say “yum.”


PopChips BBQ

Specially treated, these not-fried potato chips add crunch without fat. The BBQ flavor is tangy with a hint of smoke on every chip.


Jacklink jerky peppered

High protein meat snack, the Jack Link Jerky is made with 100% beef. Take your snacking to the next level with a punch of cracked black pepper.


Luna lemon bar

Energize with a delicious Luna lemon bar that is both refreshing and sweet. Dig in for 8 grams of protein, organic rolled oats, and a pop of lemon zest.

Sweet & salty


Black Forest fruit snacks

Bursting with fruit flavor, Black Forest Juicy Bursts: fruit snacks are a perfect sweet treat. Soft and gummy, these fruit-flavored candies are gluten free, fat free, and full of Vitamin C.


Peeled Mango

Bite into an organic and satisfying snack of gently dried mango. Peeled Mango delivers a gluten-free, vegan, no-sugar added, and non-GMO option.


Sun and Swell lemon coconut bites

A delicious blend of cashews, dates, coconut, and lemon, these bites are a perfect on-the-go snack size. Enjoy real food and satisfying taste.


Sigonia dried pineapple

Select organic pineapple rings are dried for a delicious treat. Enjoy the taste of the tropics at work.

The right break room

Partner with Canteen of Coastal California to customize not just the products in the snack vending machine, but your entire break room to boost productivity, morale, and inspiration.

Enjoy better snack service with Canteen of Coastal California at (800) 852-5726 or info@canteenvending.com.

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