Vending machines in Southern California including Central Coast and Bakersfield

Smart equipment

Wireless technology allows us to monitor vending machines in real-time, including product sales.

Southern California including Central Coast and Bakersfield

Dependable service

Experienced staff fill and care for vending machines to ensure service you can trust.

Southern California including Central Coast and Bakersfield vending machines

Touchless payments

Modern payment options are accepted at the vending machine, including mobile apps and wallets.

Top brands

Top sellers

Trendy products and flavors from top name brands available anytime employees or customers need.

Customize the vending experiences

Get vending machine service that perfectly meets the goals of your workplace in Southern California, the Central Coast and Bakersfield areas. Customize the product selection to satisfy customers, employees, or student needs. Choose from a wide range of traditional and healthy items to go inside our technology-enhanced machines that improve the vending experience.

Wide array of must-haves

With over a thousand products to choose from you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings.
Whether sweet, salty, decadent, tasty or healthy, we have something for everyone.

Ready beverages

Just when you need an ice cold soda, water, or tea, we have it ready in a cold beverage vending machine.

Tempting treats

Satisfy everyone with high quality snacks and treats from the nation’s finest brands and local suppliers.

Food made fresh

Made daily in a local commissary, our fresh food rivals delis and sandwich shops on quality, flavor, and value.

Choice wellness

Take the mystery out of which products support a healthier lifestyle by looking for the Choice Plus logo.

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