Telemetry Technology keeps us up to date with your break room needs! Real time data allows us to stay stocked with your favorite products.

Light Speed technology keeps operations streamlined, simple and effective so that our warehouses are always up to speed!

Mobile app technology

Our advanced mobile app technology makes connecting with customers simple and convenient. Customers are able to use the mobile website to review, give product ideas and service requests.

Advanced services for your Southern California, Central Coast or Bakersfield employees

Contact-less Payment
for a safer tomorrow

At Canteen Vending, our vending machines and micro-markets are equipped with wireless technology, which makes mobile payments a breeze! Customers have the options to pay with their favorite mobile app or debit and credit card.

Not only does wireless technology make paying safe and secure, it also reduces unnecessary contact points for your employees!

Striving for a Greener Tomorrow

Vending machine technology in Southern California

LED lights keep energy consumption low

Southern California vending machine technology

Reducing our carbon footprint with efficient service routes

Energy Star machines help reduce unnecessary waste

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