vending machines and water filtration service in WestlakeDelivering Vending Machines Throughout Westlake

Why Canteen of Coastal California for your needs at your Westlake business?

We are a family owned and operated business, with national sponsorship from the Canteen Corporation. That relationship gives us buying power to provide national brands at the best price possible. We offer support 24/7, with a response time of less than two hours when a breakdown or problem occurs. We will install, fill, maintain, and keep your state-of-the-art vending machines full with a program to come by your business daily, weekly, biweekly, or whatever the requirement will be!

Vending machines available in Westlake:

  • Pepsi Cola vending machines
  • Coca Cola Vending machines
  • Hot or cold food vending machines
  • Vending machines with specific ethnic food and beverages
  • Vending machines with nutritional drinks and foods
  • Coffee vending machines
  • snack vending machines

Our Office Coffee and Water Filtration Solutions are Ideal for Westlake

Give the frustration away of trying to handle the coffee and tea needs in your Westlake office. Canteen of Coastal California can remove that hassle from you and give you a much better break room with more options and a consistency it never had before!

Coffee and the equipment to brew it up, cups, filters, creamers, sweeteners, napkins, stir sticks and flavored teas too! With our special relationship with Starbucks, we offer their coffee and brewing systems also.

Had any workers comp claims over those five gallon back breaking bottles? A number of businesses have. They are also hard to store, and you can run out of water during special events or really hot periods in Westlake during summer months. We can install a water filtration system that will give the bottles the boot! You’ll have an endless supply of the fresh, great tasting water you require for all your office needs!

office coffee and micro markets in WestlakeWe Offer Micro-Markets for Westlake Businesses

Canteen of Coastal California offers Micro-Markets for any Westlake office. We’ll work with you to assemble an arrangement of displays, racks and coolers to best fit your space. Then you choose from our wide array of snacks, beverages and food items to fill it. This includes healthier options, like gourmet salads, artisan sandwiches, fresh fruit and dairy products. Once a person is finished with their selections, they simply head to the self-checkout kiosk and handle the transaction themselves. A simple swipe of a credit or debit card and away they go. Not only is this convenient, but since the kiosks are internet connected, we’re able to see your inventory in real time. That makes it much easier for us to keep your still filled with the items you need. Micro-Markets are able to stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks in part to the built-in security system. What a great fringe benefit for those employees working long or unorthodox hours!

Let’s get started today! Phone us at (800) 852-5726. We will come to your Westlake office and help determine
your specific needs.