vending machines and office coffee service in Santa PaulaGet the Vending Machines Your Santa Paula Office Deserves

It is time for your Santa Paula Company to make a move in regard to getting vending machines. Let Canteen of Coastal California help you get the vending machines you need at no cost to your business. We offer a number of vending options and customize them to your specific needs.
Our new, modern vending machines are attractive and energy efficient. Your Santa Paula business can have vending machines with Pepsi Cola Products, vending machines with Coca Cola products, snack vending machines, candy vending machines, hot or cold food vending machines, vending machines with nutritional selections, and vending machines with Hispanic food and drink options.

Providing Santa Paula with Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Canteen of Coastal California also provides coffee services to our Santa Paula consumers. We have the break room stocked full and ready to pump out all the coffee your employees could possibly consume! Filters, cups, napkins, sweeteners, creamers, and stir sticks. We even have coffee and equipment from Starbucks, thanks to our special partnership with them. Single cup coffee machines and brewers from Flavia and Keurig are available for your use.
Water is something you have to have available at all times for your employees. Why not place a water filtration system at your Santa Paula location, ending the need for five-gallon water bottles for good? Plumbed into your existing water service line, you’ll have an endless stream of great tasting water. You will not run out when we have summer hot spells or during events that you hold at work.

vending service and micro-markets in Santa PaulaMicro-Markets Designed and Built for Santa Paula

Strive for a higher level of vending services by installing a Micro-Market in your Santa Paula location. Canteen of Coastal California offers this service, which involves building a small convenience store right in your break room. We can work with any size space, combining a series of coolers, racks and displays to house the selection of items your people want. One aspect of Micro-Markets that make them great is the range of products you can have in the store. Not only can you have standard vending items, but also fresh, healthier choices like gourmet salads, fresh fruit and a multitude of dairy products. Convenience is maximized with a Micro-Market because every store has its own self-checkout kiosk. This not only allows for faster, easier payment, but it allows us to track your inventory in real time since the kiosks are internet connected. Enjoy the store any time the office is open.

So call us up, and have one of our staff come to your Santa Paula office and work with you for the options that are available for you! (800) 852-5726