vending machines and water filtration service in Conejo ValleyConejo Valley’s Cutting-Edge Vending Machine Service

Call Canteen of Coastal California today to get you started with our services of full-time vending, water filtration, or break room coffee services. Our vending staff is available 24/7, and our quick response team can get to your Conejo Valley business in less than two hours when situations come up involving equipment problems. Our vending machines can be filled with brand name products such as those from Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola. We also have your name brand favorites in vending machines with snacks, hot or cold foods, healthy food and beverage alternatives, candy vending machines, and vending machines filled with favorites from the Hispanic community. We have the selection of vending machines to supply your Conejo Valley location.

Giving Conejo Valley Everything it Needs for Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Our coffee services are saving Conejo Valley businesses money, while providing a much better selection and the best equipment for brewing and serving up coffee that is currently available. Keurig and Flavia machines and single cup brewers, and even the Starbucks interactive cup brewer. No need for employees to get coffee elsewhere, Starbucks will be right at the office! Plus, we keep the break room stocked with cups, creamer, sweeteners, filters, and stir sticks. Your employees and customers will appreciate the great coffee that you are providing them!

Canteen of Coastal California also installs water filtrations systems for our Conejo Valley customers. Turn that Conejo Valley tap water into crisp, pure, excellent tasting water that you’ll never run out of! 5-gallon water should be a thing of the past! No more storing them or lifting to put one back on the top of the cooler! You’ll save a bundle over the long run!

office coffee and micro markets in Conejo ValleyMicro-Markets Provide Macro Benefits for Conejo Valley

What are the two major complaints about vending machines? Lack of selection and convenience. And a Micro-Market from Canteen of Coastal California can cure both of these issues for your Conejo Valley office. It’s like a convenience store right in your break room. We quickly set up the store with attractive racks, coolers and displays, and then we fill them with your choice of snacks, foods and beverages. Yes, you can put standard vending products in the Market, but it goes far beyond that. Add gourmet salads, fresh fruit, dairy products and much more to round out a great selection of fresh, healthy options. Convenience is maximized with self-checkout kiosks. These not only save time and hassle for transactions, but the kiosks are internet connected, allowing us to keep an eye on your store remotely. We know what’s left in your inventory before ever leaving our facility, making loading the truck and stocking much more convenient. Also, it lets us see when a particular product isn’t selling, so we can replace it with something your people actually want. Complete with an integrated security camera system, you can feel good about the store being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

(800) 852-5726. Call, we’ll come out to your Conejo Valley business, and your employees will love you for it!