vending machines and office coffee service in CalabasasCalabasas Gets The Best Available Vending Machines Here

Canteen of Coastal California offers your Calabasas business vending, coffee, and water filtration services. These services can benefit your Calabasas business in ways you may have never thought. Employees are going to need food and beverages at some point during their workday. If they leave your business and drive somewhere or walk to another place in Calabasas to get them, they are using up valuable time, time you are most likely paying for. We will place vending machines at your Calabasas location free of charge, maintain them, and keep them filled, again at no cost to your business.

Vending machine choices:

  • Vending machines with Coca Cola products
  • Vending machines with Pepsi Cola products
  • Snack and candy vending machines
  • Hot or cold food vending machines
  • Vending machines with healthy alternatives
  • Hispanic food and beverage selections
  • Coffee vending machines
  • Traditional or subsidized vending options

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Ideal for Calabasas Operations

Coffee services:

  • Starbucks coffee and equipment
  • Keurig and Flavia equipment
  • All your favorite name brand coffee
  • Filters, cups, stir sticks, napkins, creamers, sweeteners, etc
  • Your break room fully stocked-all the time!

Water filtration systems:

  • Gives you an endless supply of great tasting water
  • Ends the necessity for those hard to store and lift water bottles!

vending service and micro-markets in CalabasasThe Micro-Markets Offices Need in Calabasas

Perhaps you have vending machines in your Calabasas office and you want to upgrade to something better? Or you just want to start with the best option available to help fuel your employees? Then a Micro-Market from Canteen of Coastal California is for you. Think of it as a convenience store with an open floor plan located right within your office. We build it with a set of coolers, displays and racks to best fit your available space. The items stocking the store are completely up to you…and it includes options like gourmet salads, hand-made sandwiches and fresh fruit and dairy products. Each Micro-Market includes a self-checkout kiosk allowing customers to handle the transactions. These are internet connected, allowing us to track inventory as it depletes. A security camera is also integrated into the store, so you can rest assured that the store is safe being left open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’re willing to work with you to achieve the best vending program for your operation. Call Canteen of Coastal California today at 800-852-5726 or e-mail to get started.