vending machines and water filtration service in AgouraA Wide Range of High-Tech Vending Machines Await Agoura Offices

Agoura businesses have been utilizing the services of Canteen of Coastal California for years. We offer water filtration systems, vending machines, and coffee services.
Canteen of Coastal California has the vending machines that would best match your company’s needs. Vending machines can be installed, maintained, and refilled at no cost to your business beside the electricity to run them. And with that in mind, we have environmentally friendly equipment that uses the latest technology to keep energy consumption low. We offer vending machines with Coca Cola products, Pepsi Cola products, snack vending machines, coffee vending machines, healthy food and beverages, and vending machines with Hispanic favorites!

Quality Office Coffee and Water Filtration for Agoura Facilities

Water filtration for your Agoura business: Why tolerate those heavy water bottles? You have to store them and risk a workman’s comp claim placing a new one on top of the cooler. Turn your water into crisp, clear, flavorful water in every glass, without the water bottle hassles!
Coffee service at your Agoura location: Coffee is the beverage that almost everybody enjoys, and gets your employees stimulated and alert at their jobs. Let us take care of the equipment, coffee, filters, cups, napkins, creamers, stir sticks, sweeteners etc. that make getting a cup of coffee an enjoyable experience. No more trips out to get items, no more complaints about the poor selections!

office coffee and micro markets in AgouraInstall a Micro-Market in Your Agoura Office

Canteen of Coastal California can give your Agoura business the equivalent of having a small corner store right on premise. A Micro-Market is made up of attractive coolers, displays and racks that are filled with popular vending fare and also more healthy items. Each Micro-Market includes an integrated self-checkout kiosk, allowing people to take their time…and take care of their own transactions when ready. Micro-Markets also include a lot of unique time-saving technologies features, such as our ability to remotely monitor the stores inventory and re-fill as needed. Security cameras built into the store cut down on any incidence of theft and allow the stores to be utilized any time of any day.

Experience a higher level of vending with Canteen of Coastal California. Start today by calling 800-852-5726 or e-mailing