Thousand Oaks Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service

Thousand Oaks Vending Machines Vending ServiceYou’ve done it! You’ve searched and found the best vending service company around for your Thousand Oaks business! Canteen Coastal of California is a family owned and operated business with the power of its affiliation with the Canteen Corporation. We are available to our customers 24/7, and take pride in a response time of less than two hours when we are needed the most by our customers. We install vending machines free of charge, maintain them, and keep them filled with the national brand name products everybody loves and trusts!

Vending machine options in Thousand Oaks are many, and include (but are not limited to) products from Pepsi Cola, vending machines with Coca Cola products, snacks, hot or cold food vending machines, coffee and tea vending machines, nutritional foods and beverages, vending machines with

Hispanic favorites, and candy vending machines.

Your Thousand Oaks business can relax and have Canteen Coastal of California
take care of all your coffee needs in your break room. We can even provide

Starbucks coffee and equipment, and Flavia and Keurig brewers. All the coffee, cups, filters, napkins, sweeteners and creamers you’d ever need. Your break room will be consistently filled and ready to serve thirsty employees and customers, day or night.

Water bottles are a nuisance! Taking up all that space and hard to lift and place back on the cooler when one is empty. Be done with them! Have us install a water filtration system that will save you money over time and give you all the water you’ll ever need without those darn bottles! You’ll never run out of water during hot spells in Thousand Oaks or events like office parties at your Thousand Oaks business again!

Pick up your phone, punch in (800) 852-5726, and have one of our representatives come to your Thousand Oaks business to hook you up!


Thousand Oaks Office Coffee Service