Simi Valley Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service

Simi Valley Vending Machines Vending ServiceIf you could do something for your Simi Valley Company that would improve production, morale, and cost you nothing, wouldn’t you consider doing it? Canteen Coastal of California can install vending machines in your office in Simi Valley, and they will do just that!

Employees will no longer have to leave the office on extended breaks to zip around Simi Valley to get the food and drinks they want. They will have a common meeting area to get to know each other, and both these facts will lead to better morale. Our vending machines can be loaded with Pepsi products, Coca Cola products, and diet soda and sport drinks. We have snack vending machines, candy vending machines, hot or cold food vending machines, vending machines with healthy drink and food choices, and vending machines with Hispanic food and drink selections. Our vending machines are state of the art, accept credit/debit payments, and are energy efficient.

Your Simi Valley Company can also be equipped with an Avanti Marketplace, with much food and drink selection and self check out. A convenience store right in your office!

Coffee service from Canteen Coastal of California can also save you money! Your Simi Valley employees can enjoy Starbucks right at your location thanks to our relationship with Starbucks! We will have your break room organized and stocked full of coffee, filters, cups, flavored teas, napkins, creamers, sweeteners, and the stir sticks to mix them in with.

Just the pick me up they will need to get started or get back to work!

Got the Simi Valley water bottle blues? Throw the bums out and have a water filtration system installed. Endless supply, no lifting or storing those heavy bottles!

Give us a call or go to our “contact us” page and fill out the information for us to get in touch with you. (800) 852-5726

Simi Valley Office Coffee Service